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Pricing and offers

The advantage of our basic ticket system is that you don't have to decide in advance what you would like to play. Simply decide how long you want to stay at ArboPark. The price includes 1 to 3 rides on the karting track and free use of all other attractions.

If the park is heavily used, the number of uses or the playing time per attraction may be limited.


All attractions are included, use subject to availability

2 hour ticket midweek (Mon–Thu)2 hour stay45 CHF
4 hour ticket midweek (Mon–Thu)4 hour stay59 CHF
2 hour ticket weekend (Fri-Sun, holidays)2 hour stay53 CHF
4 hour ticket weekend (Fri-Sun, holidays)4 hour stay69 CHF
Day pass Midweek (Mon–Thu)8 hour stay79 CHF
Day pass Weekend (Fri-Sun, holidays)8 hour stay99 CHF
Post-payment rate midweek (Mon–Thu)per hour or part thereof18 CHF
Post-payment rate weekend (Fri-Sun, holidays)per hour or part thereof22 CHF
Balaclava (Storm hood) for karting
Not applicable if you bring your own hood
per piece2 CHF

Payment can only be made digitally with cards!
No attractions can be reserved

Group offers

ArboPark is especially fun when you visit it with a group of people. That's why we offer you attractive group offers:

from 10 personsone person free of charge (11. person)
from 20 personstwo persons free of charge (21. - 22. person)
from 30 personsthree persons free of charge (31. - 33. person)

What is important

When you buy tickets online, you also reserve an admission time. Please note that your time reservation is binding and if you arrive late, the time will start to run at the reserved time.
The time reservation can be changed by telephone up to one hour before the reserved time