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Terms of use

1.      General information

The rules of use serve to prevent accidents, ensure hygiene and maintain general order on the premises of ArboPark Promotion AG. The current rules of use are displayed at the entrance and can be viewed on the website.

Anyone using the ArboPark facilities acknowledges the rules of use and undertakes to comply with them. Violations of the rules of use may result in removal by the staff, with no entitlement to a refund of the entrance fee. In the event of repeated breaches of the user regulations, the offending user may be banned from the premises.

The instructions of the staff must be followed at all times.

2.      Safety and security

2.1      Safety standards

ArboPark AG strives to meet the highest safety standards and to keep them up to date. The system should offer the user an optimum of technically possible and sensible safety.

2.2      Use at your own risk and responsibility

Use of the facilities is only permitted under the supervision of staff. Nevertheless, every user must be aware that the use of the facility is associated with risks that cannot be completely eliminated by the operator, even if the rules of use are observed. Mutual consideration is essential, especially when the facility is heavily used.

2.3      Karting and drift park

The karting and drift park may only be used after instruction and guidance from the staff.

Wearing a helmet and headgear is mandatory as soon as you enter the track. The helmet is provided by the operator of the facility; it is not permitted to bring your own helmet. The headgear must either be purchased on site or brought along.

Sturdy footwear must be worn when using the go-kart track. Flip-flops, high heels and sandals are prohibited.

Clothing must be close-fitting. Scarves, shawls and other loose items of clothing are prohibited.

The start, end and termination of the race are indicated by signals. These must be obeyed unconditionally. Grossly negligent and reckless riding is prohibited. In the event of non-compliance, the staff may remove the user from the track.
Riding under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances is strictly prohibited.

For safety reasons, the minimum body height for using the go-kart track is 1.30 meters.

2.4      Clip’ n Climp and Valoclimb

The climbing wall is used after instruction and instruction by the staff.

It is mandatory to use the safety equipment provided by the operator. It is not permitted to bring your own equipment.

To protect the wall structure, climbing is only permitted with clean sneakers or climbing finches. Mountain or street shoes, socks or slippers are not permitted.

3.         Admission to the facility

Customers must register before entering the facility for the first time and sign the registration form electronically.

By signing the registration form, the customer confirms that he/she has filled in the information truthfully and has read and taken note of the GTC, these terms of use and the exclusion of liability.

4.         Opening hours

The ArboPark is generally available to the customer 365 days a year according to the current opening hours. The facility is considered "open" if at least 40% of the area is available to the customer. Partial areas (e.g. for repairs, overhaul of the facility, etc.) or, in exceptional cases, the entire facility (e.g. for events, closed parties, etc.) may be closed or closed at any time. Total closures are announced in advance (www.arbopark.ch).

5.         Children

ArboPark is basically a leisure facility for young people and adults.

Children between the ages of 8 and 12 may only enter the facilities when accompanied by a responsible adult. They must be supervised by the adult at all times.

Children aged 12 and over may use the facility independently.

Playing in the area of the facilities is prohibited. The ArboPark is not a playground!

6.         Order and cleanliness

Checkroom lockers are available to users of the facility where jackets or coats, valuables and other material can be deposited. Visitors are requested to use these.

Smoking is absolutely prohibited at ArboPark!

Bringing dogs or other animals is prohibited.

Persons under the influence of medication, drugs or excessive alcohol are not permitted in the ArboPark. The consumption of alcohol is only permitted in the bistro. The usual commercial police guidelines and the protection of minors apply to the serving of alcohol.

It is not permitted to consume food or drinks that you have brought yourself.

The ArboPark premises must be kept clean at all times.

7.         Changes and additions

ArboPark reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time.
This is a translation, but the German version applies in all cases!